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History – Galleher Lumber & Steel

Our company was founded in 1937 by Burt Galleher. Prior to World War II, he saw an opportunity to supply hardwood flooring to the housing market in the suburbs close to downtown Los Angeles. At this time, there was a growing market and wood flooring was the primary flooring product used in homes.

During the 1960’s the popularity in wood flooring declined due to the introduction of inexpensive mass-produced carpeting and easy-care residential vinyl tiles. At that point, Galleher began to sell hardwood lumber and the wood used to make the flooring in truck bodies and trailers.

In 1980, nearly a decade after Burt Galleher passed away, his family sold the company to a long-time supplier, the Horner Flooring Company based in Dollar Bay Michigan. Kenneth Hamar had purchased Horner Flooring in 1957 and his two sons, John and Edward, were running the company at the time. With evidence that wood flooring was beginning a return to popularity, the new owners began to explore ways to grow the business. By becoming more aggressive in the market and adding new product lines, sales began to increase at a healthy pace.

In 1985, the decision was made to split Galleher into two segments; house flooring and truck/trailer flooring. The truck/trailer flooring segment was sold to Jim Beck who was an employee of Galleher for thirty years. Jim Beck would continue to build the company and increase the sales of the truck and trailer flooring until his passing in 1994. For the next four years, the company would be run by Jim Beck’s wife.

In 1998, the company was then sold to Jim Beck’s nephew, David Bowden, who is the current owner to this day. David Bowden had owned several successful businesses in different industries and saw unique growth potential in Galleher for the truck and trailer manufacturing industry. He was able to use knowledge and experience from those previous businesses to build vital new relationships, expand Galleher’s customer base, and develop a business model that was absent in the industry.

For almost forty years, Galleher only sold the lumber products to the truck and trailer builders. David Bowden knew that adding the steel parts to the products offered would cause significant growth for the company as well as provide added value to all its customers.

In 1999, David Bowden purchased “Pomona Valley Steel” to be able to manufacture and distribute these steel parts needed for truck and trailers. After a few years, both companies merged into one central location in Pomona, California under Transportation Parts Management Corp DBA Galleher Lumber & Steel.

In the 20 years since the merger of both companies, Galleher Lumber & Steel has significantly increased its manufacturing capabilities and efficiencies. In turn, this has enabled the company to increase the amount of lumber and steel products offered to customers and become more of the “one stop shop” model that David had envisioned many years ago.

In 2020, the company opened a new location in Terrell, Texas to further expand its distribution footprint across the United States. Galleher Lumber & Steel provides top quality products and service to over 300 customers, large and small, in the truck and trailer manufacturing industry today and will always be looking for ways to grow into tomorrow.

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David Bowden - President & Owner

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Brad Bowden -

Vice President & Owner


Ray Gomez - Inside Sales - California


Robert Barradas - Inside Sales - California


Steve Feola - Outside Sales - California


Dan Ziolkowski - Manufacturing Manager - California


Dean Venegas - Yard Manager - California


Noe Nunez - General Manager - California

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Justin Gridley -

General Manager -



Kathryn Wilson - Controller - California & Texas


Jenna Streppone - Accounts Receivable - California & Texas